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Mangli Golconda Song | TRS Praja Ashirvada Sabha – Bhongir | Telangana News | Election 2018 | YOYOTV

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Mangli Golconda Song | TRS Praja Ashirvada Sabha – Bhongir | Telangana News | Election 2018 | YOYOTV
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KCR to address 5 public meetings in two days

KCR campaigns in Jadcherla, Devarakonda, Nakrekal, Bhongir, Medak today
TRS Chief KCR has speeded up the election campaigning process. He has been increasing the political heat in the state conducting public meetings in the maximum places possible. Caretaker Chief Minister is going to campaign today in places like Jadcherla, Devarakonda, Nakrekal, Bhongir, and Medak. The arrangements are in place in all these constituencies. TRS important leaders and party followers have taken this task in a prestigious manner. A public meeting at Devarakonda is expected at 12 noon. Nakrekal public meeting will be at 1 pm and it is followed by Bhongir public meeting.

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